Mum now a climate leader

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A LOCAL small business owner and mum has become our go-to person when it comes to climate.

Sarah Wood has returned home after joining representatives from 32 countries in Melbourne to become a climate leader under the tutelage of former US vice president and Nobel laureate Al Gore.

“I wanted to have the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest minds in this area on how our region can be a leader in generating jobs that are sustainable in the long term whilst also preserving our pristine environment,” Sarah said.

Over three days with the Climate Reality Project the group learnt about the effects of climate change and what it means for Australia.

“It was very moving to hear personal stories from those that have been directly affected by climate change,” Mrs Wood said.

“Many were moved to tears when listening to Deirdre Payne, an after-hours nursing co-ordinator, who not only lost her family home in Victoria’s Black Saturday fires, but tended to patients, most of whom were firefighters, at her local hospital. Exactly 173 people were killed in these fires.

“Another speaker, Bruce Esplin, former Emergency Services Commissioner Victoria, explained how the conditions that led up to the Black Saturday fires made it a more extreme weather event and that these were becoming more common.

“We also heard about the effects widespread drought were having on agricultural land as well as the cost of flooding like that experienced in Grafton.

“Our community has a great opportunity to take advantage of advances in renewable energy as well as sustainability practices in both businesses and households that will not only save energy but save money. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to present these ideas in our schools, businesses and to our local and state government.”

For more information or to request a presentation from Sarah contact the Coffs Coast Climate Action Group via email.


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