Why is super so important?

You might think of super as being that part of your salary that you can’t access. However it is important to remember, this is your money which is being held for you until you retire.

Being involved in and understanding your superannuation is important for a number of reasons:

  • The Age Pension may not be enough for a comfortable retirement
  • Your money will need to last in retirement which may be more than 20 years
  • As super has the benefits of compounding interest and a long investment timeframe, it could be your largest asset by the time you retire
  • There are attractive tax incentives for your super funds. For most people, saving through super can be much more tax effective than saving the same amount outside super

We can assist you with:

  • Building your super balance through strategies such as salary sacrifice, spouse contributions, super splitting, co-contributions, accessing your super while still working, small business CGT concessions, allocated pensions and pre-retirement pensions.
  • Consolidating your super to save on fees, easier to manage portfolio and allowing you to keep on top of your investment strategy.

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